Sake Review

Zaku Prototype-H / 作 プロトタイプ-H

Zaku Prototype-H / 作 プロトタイプ-H
Name: Zaku Prototype-H /  作 プロトタイプ-H
Brewer: Shimizu Kiyosaburo Shoten / 清水清三郎商店
Rice: Mienoyume
Brew Year: 2015
Prefecture: Mie
Alcohol content: 17%
Five Bullet-point Review:
  • Peach-ish fruity flavor
  • Bubbly – bottled and sealed right after the production process
  • Because of dance flavor – can be enjoyed “on the rock” or mixed with soda water
  • Personally, not a big fun of sweet sake but because of its uniqueness – can enjoy 2-3 glasses
  • Uniquness-wise, similar to TERA! Life is good
Tasted at: Yata (Shinjuku)
Rating: 4/5 star