Sake Review

Yoshinosugi No Taruzake / 吉野杉の樽酒

Yoshinosugi No Taruzake
Brewer: Choryo Shuzo / 長龍酒造
Rice: Bizen Omachi
Brew Year: 2014
Prefecture: Kyoto
Alcohol content: 15~16%
Five Bullet-point Review:
  • Sake preserved on a cedar cask. Light cedar scent.
  • Once sipped a scent of cedar explodes in mouth
  • Sake itself is ordinary – not much surprise and characteristic
  • Readily available at stores and comes with many sizes – 180ml glass to 3,600ml barrel.
  • Very affordable price in Japan – 180ml glass is JPY259. 720,l bottle – JPY 1,101.
Tasted at: Akahoshi to Kumagai
 Rating: 3/5 star