Sake Review

Tanaka Rokujugo Nama / 田中六十五 なま

Name: Tanaka Rokujugo Nama / 田中六十五 なま
Brewer: Shiraito Shuzo / 白糸酒造
Rice: Yamadanishiki
Brew Year: 2015
Prefecture: Fukuoka
Alcohol content: 15-16%
Five Bullet-point Review:
  • My personal favorite
  • Sauvignon Blanc like scent
  • Nama grade – fresh out from brewer and some nigori (sediment) is remaining
  • Coexistence of rice’s sweetness and freshness
  • If you like souvignon blanc – surely enjoy this
Tasted at: Aonisai Jinbocho
 Rating: 5/5 star