Sake Review

Matsuno Kotobuki Hitogokochi / 松の寿 ひとごこち

Matsuno Kotobuki Hitogokochi / 松の寿 ひとごこち
Name: Matsuno Kotobuki Hitogokochi  / 松の寿 ひとごこち
Brewer: Matsui Shuzoten / 松井酒造店
Rice: Hitogokochi
Brew Year: 2015
Prefecture: Tochigi
Alcohol content: 16-17%
Five Bullet-point Review:
  • Once sipped – flavor and umami remains on your mouth for a long time.
  • Elegant and balance of acidity and fruitiness is very good
  • Good to drink as a sake beginner
  • Pairs good with food – creating different context when enjoyed with food
  • Despite the amazing quality – local rice is used and relatively cheaper than other rice – reflection on the price as well
 Rating: 4/5 star