Sake Review

Jikon Tokubetu Junmai Nigori Namazake / 而今 特別純米にごり 生酒

Photo Nov Jikon Tokubetu Junmai Nigori Namazake
Name: Jikon Tokubetu Junmai Nigori Namazake  / 而今 特別純米にごり 生酒
Brewer: Kiyasho Shuzo / 木屋正酒造
Rice: Gohyakumangoku
Brew Year: 2015
Prefecture: Mie
Alcohol content: 16.2%
Five Bullet-point Review:
  • Shiboritate (just produced) sake with freshness
  • Juice-like smoothness with a hit of bubble
  • Rare to find and buy – need to go to particular restaurant/bar
  • Rice’s umami is concentrated in depth
  • Tokubetsu junmai edition is also a sparkle
Tasted at: Kanese Shoten
 Rating: 5/5 star