Sake Review

Fukuju Hyoketsusshu (Frozen Sake) / 福寿 凍結酒

Fukuju Hyoketsusshu
Name Fukuju Hyoketsusshu Frozen Sake / 福寿 凍結酒
Brewer: Kobe Shushinkan / 神戸酒心館
Rice: Hyogo-produced rice
Brew Year: 2014
Prefecture: Hyogo

Alcohol content: 17.5%

Five Bullet-point Review:
  • Frozen sake – different sensation on a tongue emerges as the melting progresses
  • When served – need to melt is with hands as 90% of the content is frozen and flake-ish (that is why a muddler is also served to crush the ice/flake )
  • Very dry – wate-rish sake. May work as a substitute to beer
  • Despite the higher alcohol percentage for sake – very smooth and easy to drink
  • The brewery suggest adding a syrup with it – creating sake cocktail
Tasted at: Isemoto, Nishi-Funabashi
Rating: 3/5 star