Sake Review

Amaneko / 亜麻猫

Amaneko / 亜麻猫
Name: Amaneko / 亜麻猫
Brewer: Aramasa Shuzo / 新政酒造
Rice: Akita-produced rice
Brew Year: 2014
Prefecture: Akita
Alcohol content: 14.8%
Five Bullet-point Review:
  • Once sipped – citrus flavor emerges
  • After a while – acidity emerges and it surrounds sweetness of fruit
  • Sake with a context of wine (in terms of flavor and label design)
  • Aramasa Shuzo is known for one of new era of brewer – creating sake that can be described with a context of wine
  • Shochu’s 麹 is used during the production process – creating this unique flvbor
Tasted at: Akahoshi to Kumagai
 Rating: 4/5 star