Sake Review

Amaneko Spark / 亜麻猫 スパーク

Amaneko Spark / 亜麻猫 スパーク
Name: Amaneko Spark / 亜麻猫 スパーク
Brewer: Aramasa Shuzo /新政酒造
Rice: Akita-produced rice
Brew Year: 2015
Prefecture: Akita
Alcohol content: 15%
Five Bullet-point Review:
  • Light fizz
  • Pairs well with any food
  • Very fresh – best enjoyed nice warm sunny day – outdoor
  • So smooth and easy to empty a bottle
  • Compare with a traditional Amaneko for difference
Tasted at: Morohaku, Sapporo
 Rating: 4.0/5 star